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Earning XP and Coins Quickly

To gain experience quickly when you are starting out, cook as many bacon cheeseburgers as possible. They take five minutes to complete and every time you complete a batch, you rake in 7 experience points total. Repeat.

When you get to level 2 buy a stove. Now you can cook more burgers per hour. Keep cooking those burgers and when you get to level 6 you can buy another stove.

Pay attention though, it is easy for time to slip by when you are distracted. You may come back to some spoiled burgers. If you find it difficult to pay attention and your burgers are spoiling you can change to Super Chunk Fruit Salad which has a 15 min cook time. It will take a bit longer to level up but you have a lot more buffer time.

Cafe World Buzz Rating
  In the upper right hand corner of the Cafe World screen you'll see a thumbs-up image and a numerical value. That number represents your buzz rating. The buzz rating determines how many customers come to your Cafe. If the value increases, more people come to visit you and you'll earn more money. If it goes down, so does your customer traffic and potential earnings.
You don't need more than 20 tables
  You can maintain a buzz rating of 105 with only 18 tables. Having more tables just takes up room that you can use for decorations. Part of the fun of Cafe World is decorating your cafe to your own personality. I have seen people put as many as 40 tables in their cafe. I am sure that no more than half of the tables are filled at one time.
Close Your Cafe When You Are Away
  Here is a great cafe world tip. To keep your restaurant's Buzz Rating from dropping when you’re not playing and you do not have a lot of dishes to serve, close your shop by removing the doors. To remove the doors, click on the chair-shaped ‘Customize’ icon in the game’s menu. Then click and drag your door(s) off the screen, and they'll disappear. When you’re ready to reopen, click the ‘Customize’ icon, and place the door(s) again.
Use Cafe Medals to Level Up

You earn both coins and cafe points when you earn a medal. I was able to earn 1,800 cafe points in about 5 minutes decorating my cafe with cacti plants. Each plant costs 150 coins. I placed 40 of them earned the medal and then sold them. This process earned me 1,800 cafe points and leveled my up!

Letting chips and guacamole spoil is another way to level up quickly.

Layout You Cafe so Your Waiter Does Not Move

Form a U-shape with the tables with the open end facing the the serving tables but leaving no access to the front. The waiter will stay put and the meals will fly to the table as if the server is dealing out cards! If a customer sits down the food will appear immediately ensuring a happy customer.

Check out the cafe layout page for more information.

Stove Layout
  Another great cafe world trick is to turn all your ovens to where the doors are facing the grass. Your cook does not have to walk to each stove. Also, if you put your tables in a square around your serving trays the cook will not walk to the serving area. That speeds up production of the food.
Adding Cafe World Neighbors
  If you click on the “My Neighbors” link at the top of the page you'll be able to see all your Cafe World neighbors. There you can invite and accept new neighbors to your Cafe. Neighbors are important because they limit what you can do in the game. That is, you need neighbors to work for you as waiters and waitresses at your Cafe. You can also earn more Cafe coins by increasing the number of neighbors you have. Hence, it’s important to continue to invite more Facebook friends to increase the size of your Cafe World neighbors and thus make more money.
Gifting Cafe World Neighbors
  Giving and receiving gifts in Cafe World is beneficial for all parties involved. That is, giving gifts to your Cafe World neighbors often encourages reciprocal gifting. The gifts you receive maybe something you and and many times they are something you can’t afford or obtain yet because of your skill level.
Helping Cafe World Neighbors
  Helping your Cafe World neighbors from time to time encourages them to reciprocate that act too. You can do this by visiting their cafes, trying their daily special, and leaving tips. Doing so increases your Cafe World experience points and your daily bonus.
Expand Your Cafe as Soon as You Can
  Adding extra building space can greatly increase your profits. You can use the extra space to add more tables and seat more paying customers. There are several expansion packages including the Corner Cafe, Family Cafe, Bountiful Cafe, Extravagant Cafe, Lavish Cafe, and Astounding Cafe. Each package is price differently according to the size of expansion
Candy, Cookies, and Treats as Gifts
  Here is a cafe world tip I learned that hard way. When you receive candy, cookies or other treats as gifts in Cafe World you need to use them at a time when there are a lot of customers sitting at tables. These gifts do not go onto the serving counters they are immediately handed out to all the customers at tables.
  Customers will enter from a random door (if you have more than one) and select a random accessible chair. There is no way to affect this. Characters (customers, waiters, and your cook) cannot pass through a square with an object in it unless that is the chair a customer has selected.
  Tables can be served from any adjacent square (from any side or diagonal), whereas chairs can only be accessed from the sides. If you are using the trapped waiter trick, you still have to make sure each table is accessible. In the diagram below, tables and chairs marked with a star are inaccessible. (Spacing text is difficult- assume tables line up with chairs.)
Cafe World Points

Cafe points are a used in the Facebook game Cafe World to measure how a player advances through the levels of the game. As you earn cafe points you will level up.

As you accumulate cafe points your level increases, unlocking new recipes,
, and stoves. This will help you reach your goal, which is to grow your restaurant, make it very popular and beat your friends.
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