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Cafe World Stoves Guide


In Cafe World, the number of stoves you have determines how many dishes you can have cooking. Each dish must cook for a given time period. Some dishes give more servings than others.

To keep you cafe busy and you cafe world customers happy, you will need more stoves. Be careful what you put on your stoves, you can only serve as many types of dishes as you have counters. In other words if you have three counters, you can serve three types of dishes. If you have for types of dishes ready at the same time but only three counters you risk having one dish spoil.

Stoves are very important in cafe world because they are the key to leveling up. You gain Cafe Points (CP) by cooking and serving dishes. Every cafe world dish has a different CP gain so check our Cafe World dish guide to make sure you are cooking the most profitable dish.

Buying Cafe World Stoves
  The question everyone has is "When can I buy and additional stove?" In Cafe World, you have to level up to buy additional stoves. You start out your CAfe World adventure with four stoves. Once you reach Cafe World level 2 you can buy an additional stove and you should. You should buy an additional stove whenever you can in Cafe World. Below is a table that shows when you can purchase a new stove in Cafe World.
Level Stoves
1 3
2 4
6 5
10 6
14 7
18 8
22 9
26 10
30 11
34 12
38 13
42 14
46 15
49 16
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