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Cafe World Neighbors

Neighbors are primarily Facebook friends who are also playing Cafe World. If you invite them to be your neighbors and they accept, you can help each other progress into the game. All of your Neighbors are shown at the bottom of the Cafe World screen. By clicking on a neighbor you can visit his or her restaurant.

By using the My Neighbors page, which is found in the top menu bar next to the Play! Page, you can invite friends to be your neighbors.


Helping a neighbor

  You can help your neighbors by sending them daily gifts. Each gift can be used to serve clients when they are eating, and the cafe owner (yourself or your neighbor) receives cafe coins as a reward.
Getting help from a neighbor
  When visiting a neighbor, you can taste a new dish and as a reward you will receive cafe coins and cafe points as well. After tasting a new dish you can leave your neighbor a tip. You can also receive tips from neighbors who have visited you. But this option is not too clear in the game, on how to retrieve the tips that have been left for you.
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