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Cafe World Expansions

Adding extra space in Cafe World can greatly increase your profits. You can use the extra space in your cafe to add more tables and seat more paying customers.

There are several cafe world expansion packages including the Corner Cafe, Family Cafe, Bountiful Cafe, Extravagant Cafe, Lavish Cafe, and Astounding Cafe. Each package is price differently according to the size of expansion.

You need to purchase the expansions in order. You cannot skip an expansion. For example even if you have 4 neighbors, you cannot purchase the Family Cafe expansion until you purchase the Corner Cafe.

Here Are the Cafe World Expansions

Quaint Cafe (8 x 9)
1 neighbor plus 500 coins or 2 Cafe Cash

Corner Cafe (9 x 10)
2 neighbors plus 5,000 coins or 25 Cafe Cash

Family Cafe (10 x 12)
4 neighbors plus 50,000 coins or 30 Cafe Cash

Plentiful Cafe (12 x 13)
8 neighbors plus 125,000 Coins or 35 Cafe Cash

Bountiful Cafe (13 x 15)
10 neighbors plus 400,000 Coins or 35 Cafe Cash

Extravigant Cafe
Coming Soon

Lavish Cafe
Coming Soon

Astoundingl Cafe
Coming Soon
Cafe World Expansion Strategy
  If your cafe has a good buzz rating (max 105) and there are still open tables, there is no need to expand. If you have the extra cash and want to add more decorations you may want to expand. If you come to a point where customers turn away because there are no tables for them to sit at and you no where to place another table, you will want to get a Cafe World expansion.
How to Get Cafe World Expansions
  As you can see from, the listing above, you need to have enough neighbors to purchase an expansion unless you have the cash. Of course you earn cafe world cash very slowly so adding neighbors is desirable.
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