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Cafe World Decorations Guide

While the first order of business for any cafe has got to be the menu, decor is not far down the list if you want your cafe to have some flavor.  

So, if you find yourself looking around thinking "you know, this place is getting a bit stale," then you might want to update your decor.  You can even change your floors which is realy nice because while that snowy shag carpet looks amazing for awhile, all it takes is a few stray meatballs to spoil a great look.


To decorate your Café, choose the “Chair” icon on the left side of the screen. 

You will then see three tabs:

  • Chair icon: for tables, chairs, doors, windows, flooring, walls and decorations
  • Gears icon:  for functional items - stove and counters
  • Bricks icon: to expand your Café!

From the sub-menu, choose the items you would like to add or change.

  • If you add a table, chair or decoration, you will be able to place the item in your café and then turn it using the rotation marks above your item.
  • If you change your floors or walls, your previous flooring or wallpaper will return to your inventory for future use.
  • If you have items in your inventory, you will see a small number in the upper, right-hand corner of the item image. This shows how many you have stored for free later use. These items can be added back to your café at a later time for free!


(Remember: After you done editing your Café or selling items, make sure to choose the Green Check Mark. Also, please finish all your actions and choose the Green Check Mark, before navigating away from Café World

Missing Cafe World Furniture?

Most of the time it has simply gone back into your inventory.  Log into your game and select the “Chair” icon which is used to edit your Café.


If you see a number (for example: (x2)) next to an item, this means you have 2 of this item in your inventory so it hasn't disappeared out of your game, it just was put back into your inventory.

If you drag these 2 items back into the game you will not be charged for them again as they are already in your inventory

Cafe World Windows
Name Cost
Squatty Window 150
Simple Round Window 250
Oak Framed Window 350
Pine Framed Window 500
Small Window 750
Bamboo Window 900
Ranch Window 1,000
Fancy Window 2,000
Lovely Window 2,500
Steel Porthole 3,000
Titanium Porthole 3,000
Bulletproof Window 5,000
Cozy Window 5,000
Sturdy Round Window 8,500
Tall Kitchen Window 10,000
Red Lacquered Window 11,000
Broad Sliding Window 12,500
Exotic Wall Scroll 15,000
Tall Sliding Window 15,000
Brick Arch Window 25,000
Dungeon Window 25,000
Cathedral Window 30,000
Cafe World Flooring
Name Cost
Ming Timbers 5
Pink Carpet 5
Snowy 5
Timbers Ming 5
Concrete 10
Oak Parquet 10
50's Diner Floor 15
Mars 15
Minty Tile 15
Sahara Shag 15
Dark Blue Carpet 20
Checkered 25
Big Clay Tile 30
Gray Flagstones 30
DriveThru Tile 35
Grassy 50
Small Tatami 75
Tuscany Tile 100
Lemon Tile 150
Spanish Tile 150
Apricot Tile 200
Pink Ceramic Tile 250
Winterfresh 350
Bavarian Tile 400
Dungeon Tiles 425
Green Tiles 450
Aegean Tile 500
Orange Tile 550
Ciao Tile 600
Rose Tiles 600
Dark Green Carpet 750
Starry 750
Starry 750
Bombay Sunburst Tile 800
Bullseye 800
Dark Red Carpet 800
Cozy Shingles 850
Cozy Shingles 850
Patagonian Stones 900
Glassy 1,000
Lava Rock 1,000
Lava Rock 1,000
Slanted Slats 1,050
Lava Floor 1,100
Dancing 1,200
Large Tatami Mat 1,200
Plants and other Decorations
Name Cost
Blue Roses 0
Harvest Cornucopia 0
Orange Roses 0
Pink Roses 0
Tiny Cactus 150
Potted Pink Plant 200
Potted Snake Grass 350
Prickly Cactus 500
Ficus Tree 600
White Standing Lamp 750
Simple Trashcan 850
Sprouting Frog 900
Brass Pole 1,000
Wooden Divider 1,000
Aluminium Divider 1,500
Palm Palm 1,750
DriveThru Trashcan 2,000
Velvet Rope 2,000
Wooden Block 2,500
Jack-o-Latern 3,100
Aegean Vase 3,500
Aluminium Block 3,500
Red Roses 4,500
White Roses 4,600
L-Beam 5,000
T-Beam 6,000
Silk Floral Lamp 7,000
Fiery Mood Lamp 7,500
White Flower Vase 8,000
Dungeon Column 9,000
Big Bamboo 10,000
Brick Column 10,000
Tiny Coconut Palm 10,000
Exotic Ming Vase 10,500
Dungeon Pillar 11,000
Ming Pillar 12,000
Aegean Column 15,000
Triple Berry Blossom 15,000
Candelabra 20,000
Golden Folding Screen 22,000
Lava Lamp 25,000
Rocket Lamp 30,000
Cozy Bookshelf 32,500
Vintage Television 35,000
Fish Bowl 40,000
Spooky Clock 50,000
Cozy Lamp 55,000
Alabaster Fountain 75,000
Fishy Fountain 75,000
Aquari-Tube 100,000
Dragon Pillar CC 15
Savage Volcano CC 15
Mystic Waterfall CC 22
Lobster Tank CC 25
Cherry Blossom Shoji CC 8
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