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Cafe World Buzz Rating

The Cafe World buzz rating is an important feature of the game. It is like a "word on the street" rating for your cafe. The more customers that leave with a thumbs up attitude the higher you buzz rating goes.

In the upper right hand corner of the Cafe World screen there is a thumbs-up image and a numerical value. That number represents your buzz rating. The buzz rating determines how many customers come to your Cafe. If the value increases, more people come to visit you and you will earn more money. If it goes down, so does your customer traffic and potential earnings.

To make you cafe world customers happy you need to make sure there’s always cooked dishes available on the counters. You should lay out your cafe so your customers do not wait too long for their meals. If a customer leaves unhappy you buzz rating will go down significantly.

The highest cafe world buzz rate you can achieve is 105.0.

How Buzz Rate Works
  • If a customer is served and leaves happy, you get on average +3 or +4 thumbs up which amounts to around +0.1 buzz.
  • If a customer leaves mad, you get -0.7 buzz (ouch).

Customers get mad for 3 reasons:

  1. They can't find and empty seat
  2. They sit at a table with a dirty dish
  3. They are not served quickly enough.
Food selection, decor, and staff changes do not affect your buzz in any way. If your cafe has no food (for example, you run out in the middle of the night) customers will continue to enter the cafe and leave mad and your buzz will quickly drop to 5. You can avoid this by removing your door when you will be away for longer than your food will last.
Maximize Your Buzz Rate

Your buzz rating determines how many customers per minute enter your cafe. At 105 (max) buzz, you will get 17.5 customers per minute (1050 per hour); there is no way to increase this.

The number of chairs needed to serve every customer at max buzz depends on the average distance between the chairs and the door; shorter distance means faster turnover, which means fewer chairs needed.

When you are away
  This is one of the best cafe world tips. To keep your restaurant’s Buzz Rating from dropping when you’re not playing, close your shop by removing the doors. To remove the doors, click on the chair-shaped ‘Customize’ icon in the game’s menu. Then click and drag your door(s) off the screen, and they will disappear. When you’re ready to reopen, click the Customize icon, and place the door(s) again.
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