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Cafe World Spice Rack

Zynga recently releaced sipces and the spice rack in the facebook game Cafe World.

The message you will see is that once you complete your spice rack you will un lock the magic of spices. Be the first to learn how spices will improve your cooking.

If you have already built your spice rack click here
Building the Spice Rack
  The items you need to build your spice rack can only be acquired as gifts from friends, so be sure to send parts to friends, and ask for them to send some back to you. Click the spice icon to open your rack. The rack sill show you how many peices you still need.


As you build your rack you will receive a reward for each part you complete.

Item Required Reward
Shelves 5 Cafe Item
Small Jars 5 1,000 Coins
Medium Jars 5 2,000 Coins
Large Jars 5 3,000 Coins
Lids 15 5 Cafe Cash

CafeWorld spice

Once you rack is comeplete you can add spices to your dishes. If you click on a dish that is already cooking you will see a message with a new button "Spice Dish". Clicking on this button will open your spice dish.

You spice rack has spices that you can add to your cooking dish.

Spice Dishes
  You can now receive mystery spices from you friends. once you receive them they will appear in your spice rack but you will not be able to open them without help from you friends.
Ask for Help Spice

The Spices

Each spice has a different effect on you dishes.

  • Super Salt adds 5 percent more serving
  • Power Pepper adds 10 percent more dishes.
  • Onehour Thyme speeds cook time 1 hour
  • Sixhour Thyme speeds cook time by six hours.
  • Instant Thyme Makes a dish instanty ready!
  • Salvage Sage Removes spoil from a dish.
  • Mystery spice may give any of the above. On one application of mystery spice I received +5 cafe points.
cafe world spices
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